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Vision and Mission

Though it is a very difficult task, but the members of our society have made a collective promise to give it a full try to the best of everyone’s abilities. And Make it happen no matter what.

Our dear country Pakistan demands today from all of us to join hands together and try to eradicate cancer. To make this dream come true our society member are ready and on the go….


As by now all of us know a key to success is a complete knowledge which is fully understood by all of us, about the Risk Factors and Warning Signs about these cancers. Of course knowing the screening guidelines are the plus.

ACS claims that 85% cancer can be prevented…..true for USA where these studies were done and it is very true number for their country. Their living environment, food quality, patient occurring requirement etc are very different from us so this number is very true for USA.

But what about our beloved country Pakistan, none fits to the criteria of the ACS trial. But this study does give us a great hope that we can also prevent the cancer though we have to work very hard and struggle to achieve these goals Are we ready for this hard work and put all the efforts in the direction of achieving the target? I am sure the answer from every corner will be a definite YES.

PCCWS (Pakistan cancer care welfare society) is keeping in mind the education levels of our population and how to approach them and have the following ideas which we call it, a plan.


As per pccws theme calendar. We are printing about the cancers in Urdu on monthly basis as scheduled.

Meetings with Minar (Multan Institute of Nuclear Medicine & Radiotherapy) and NMC cancer doctors, to draw a program how to achieve the disposal of chemo waste and safe handling of chemo drugs. It also includes meetings with other NGOs as well.

Arrangement for the screening camps for the following five cancers / cigarettescessation:

· Breast cancer.

· Colorectal cancer.

· Lung cancer.

· Prostate cancer.

· Skin cancer.

· Cigarettes Cessation.

The camp results will form the clinical data about incidence and prevalence of a particular cancer for that particular area (region). In order to achieve our goal it is decided that we will approach the social welfare department and cancer society Multan. It is further decided that we should involve the pharmaceutical and pesticide companies to broaden the area of our work. It is our strong belief that we will Inshallah be able to achieve our goals.

For the rest of the year 2008. We will be printing our literature in Urdu along with the cancer PREVENTION booklet and are also planning to deliver lectures as it become convenient and possible. From 2009 we will have programme suits our needs and by the calendar.

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Our Slogan:
Pakistan's Fight Against Cancer

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